7 Figure Franchise Review from REAL User … [Michael Cheney]

One of the hottest offers to hit the online market is Michael Cheney’s Seven Figure Franchise. Since it was released, the 7 Figure Franchise opportunity has generated more than a million dollars in revenue.

One of the reasons for it’s success is that Michael never intended for the products in the 7 Figure Franchise to be sold by anyone other than himself. While some people create PLR products purely to sell to other resellers, Michael has built his business by selling information products to people looking to improve their financial situation.

His products have to convert, and have to help people, for them to sell well and keep selling. His customers now profit from merely promoting his products, the best of which now comprise the Seven Figure Franchise.

What you get with the 7 figure franchise

There are a lot of different elements so let’s go through them now:

7 Figure Franchise Component – 1

Beyond the money making potential of promoting the products in the 7 figure franchise, Michael has also included some training that shows you his exact blueprint for making a million dollars a year online.

Recorded at a private workshop in Scotland, this 2 day event reveals just how Michael has built a 7 figure business that still allows him the freedom to spend time with his family, walking his dog, or training for competitive cycling events.

Michael will show you how to make a seven digit income within five to six hours, and not over 50 hours a week as others would love to suggest.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 2

Folks interested in the Seven Figure Franchise have been asking many times if they will need the likes of ads, web hosting and autoresponders.

What we’ll tell you lies in between “yes” and “no.”

To get started you don’t need any of that. Michael will pretty much take care of whatever you will be needing.

However, it’s always good to be building your list so if/when you want to do that, you can easily drive traffic to your own pages first and have people then go to Michael’s offers where you get paid.

Once you start building your own list, you’re going to want to email them in order to earn more commissions from them.

Michael’s got you covered here too – he’s going to give you an exclusive license to use all of his past, present and future email campaigns for your own use.

These campaigns have so far generated over $6.9 million for Michael and you get to copy and paste every single one of those campaigns and use them yourself – even for promoting other products.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 3

Access to all of Michael’s existing products. Each of these products can be worth $5,000. In addition to everything else listed above, when you join the 7 figure franchise Michael is going to give you access to every digital product he’s ever created.

This is the most basic thing every member gets, but the value is far beyond the membership fee.

However, there’s something that you should be wary of… There is going to be a LOT of information in all of these products, and trying to go through everything all at once is going to leave you overwhelmed.

If you’re relatively new to online marketing, the best way to use the franchise is to simply follow the ‘getting started’ training that Michael provides so that you can begin to make sales as soon as possible. The training will provide you with some momentum that you can apply to the products that will be made available to you.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 4

The first thousand of your visitors will not cost you.

In order to make sales you first need to find people to buy those products, right? This is something that traffic will take care of, and it’s sad that many who are new to the Seven Figure Franchise are stuck trying to drive it. In fact, some can’t just help but give up on Internet marketing just because they can’t get quality traffic that will bite into their offers.

To help guarantee your success, and fast, Michael is going to give you exclusive insider access to his traffic training that will help you get your first 1000 visitors for free.

On the same day as you have started with this training, you will be able to put to action the traffic generation strategies that you have learned and make money soon after. (While it is possible to get sales the same day, it is likely that it could take you a couple of days in reality depending on how quickly you implement, and what time of day you get access etc).

7 Figure Franchise Component – 5

Personal help from Michael.

It is great that Michael knew that some of the participants in this program will need more help than the other members.

For that reason you’re also going to get 30 days of personal consultancy with Michael himself once you join. This way you can communicate directly with him (at his personal email address) so that you can spend the first 30 days really focussed on the right methods to get results fast.

A dedicated support team will supplant Michael’s consultancy past this 30-day period, and they will provide you with all the help you need as you go forward with the program.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 6

As a 7 figure franchise member you’re also going to be able to promote each of his products wihle keeping 100% of the sale paid direct to your paypal account. You don’t need to promote all of these products either, as you can, by all means, just market one product, and Michael will take care of the rest.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 7

One of the best things about the Seven Figure Franchise is that you can easily earn commissions of $1000 through complex sales funnels that integrate a high ticket program.

Michael’s goal with this has been to make something that’s as simple and ‘newbie proof’ as possible.

High ticket programs often have information that will teach you just what to do to achieve this. But most people can’t do that. Michael’s program is different in this regard, in that it provides you with what really works, allowing you to earn your juicy commissions right after you got started.

An entire set of evergreen product funnels have been created for the 7 Figure Franchise in this regard, and such are designed to maximize your profits by hooking interested prospects to a nine-week email sequence.

7 Figure Franchise Component – 8

The following are the other benefits that you’ll be enjoying in this program:

- Traffic expert will help you get traffic for free.

Michael’s traffic expert will do the heavy lifting for you for one hour, giving your traffic a boost and putting your business on top of the search results.

- Fast Facebook traffic.

Michael will show you the same methods he used to pull in over $171,000 in sales from facebook traffic. His previous clients have paid as much as $5860 for this.

- Traffic that will earn you money.

You’ll be learning of a speedy way to get traffic that will actually bring in profits. Simply watch the training videos and follow along to start getting all the free traffic you’ll need.

7 Figure Franchise Bonuses

Although Michael is offering plenty of training and guidance, members-slash-marketers of the program will get some nice bonus materials.

If you can take advantage of a bonus offer you should do so – you’ll get more value for your investment.

It is wise, however, to be wary when going for certain bonuses. It sure is not smart to get more for the sake of getting more. Otherwise you end up with everything collecting digital dust on your hard drive. It could be worse, though, s you will probably end up overwhelmed with information and you end up not following the franchise.

When deciding on a bonus package from a 7 figure franchisee, you want to find something that’s going to complement and enhance the package that you’re getting from Michael.

7 Figure Franchise Guarantee

The Seven Figure Franchise will come with a rather generous double money back guarantee. Meaning, you will get twice the money you paid for as a refund should you not get anything despite faithfully following the training,

Of course, you can’t just idle around playing games and the like, and then expect to get your double money back guarantee; you will need to have put some effort on the whole thing first.

Let’s face it, though: it takes plenty of confidence in his offer for Michael to offer a double money back guarantee.

Michael simply knows that the whole thing works. This confidence is something that can easily be proven by the various documentations from many of the program’s current members, as well as the payouts handed over to Michael’s affiliates.

As you can see, the worst that could happen to you when trying out this program is that you will get paid. You may make money, but failing to do so after much effort will qualify you for a double money back guarantee. This, in our humble opinion, is more than fair.

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