Seven Figure Franchise Review – Is it a scam?

Michael Cheney is the creator of the 7 figure franchise, but who exactly is he?

He’s been a full time online marketer for 17 years, also enjoying the joys of competitive cycling and being a family man. He lives in Scotland with his two kids and his wife, and makes up to seven figures in yearly income online through a simple system.

In 2006, Michael did his first major product launch, having released his Adsense Videos training course which, in just a week, went on to sell over a quarter of a million dollars.

He’s since done multiple other launches, which made him millions of dollars in online income.

Having been in the online marketplace for so long, his secret to continued stay in the market is no more than delivering products that address and deliver solutions to actual issues.

The 7 Figure Franchise Opportunity Explained

Michael Cheney will be providing you with a franchise of his online business which earns $1.1 million dollars yearly with the 7 Figure Franchise.

Each franchise membership will be loaded with goodies, so we will break everything that you will get with it down in the next few paragraphs.

You really don’t need to go through all this, however; if you simply want to make big commissions from high ticket products, you only need to sign up to obtain your referral link.

After this, you can simply get to the rest of the training at the pace that you are most comfortable with as you are starting to understand how things work.

Learning this system is just like learning to drive a car; you don’t need to know how all of those parts work together to get the wheels rolling. You only need to learn the basics to move the vehicle.

This training works under the same principle. A referral link is all you need, although fact remains that the system involves a lot of things under the hood, so to speak.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 1.

7 Figure Franchisees will get to sell every one of Michael’s products, and they should be able to keep 100% of the profits. This does not stop with the front end, but also all the other products in the funnel.

Besides the full profit that you get to earn from Michael’s products, you also get to be able to make $1000 from any franchises that you sell.

For every client you send his way, Michael will try to convert those into that $1000 commission, and you don’t need to do anything in that regard.

For instance, you can send over a buyer for the $19.95 Commission Machine.

That client can buy the initial $197 upsell as well as the second one which costs $97– this should automatically earn you $313.95– and you can still earn an extra $1000 once they go through the automated follow up sequence which offers the franchise.

This adds up to a $1,313.95 in commission for just a single $19.95 customer.

If that doesn’t sound great, I don’t know what will.

Now that’s just the first part of the 7 Figure Franchise.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 2

You will bet the rights to use the very same sales copy that Michael has done, as well as any promotion he makes in the future.

For every successive month into the membership, you’ll get to receive a minimum of 80 emails that can be used to promote virtually any product.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 3

Michael will provide you recordings of a closed-door event where he will reveal what he does to make a seven-figure yearly income.

People from all over travel to go to this event, access to which costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

As a member of 7 figure franchise, you get it essentially for free.

Here are some of what you will learn from this event:

A strategy that is proven to give your business a massive boost, making it earn up to six figures per year.

Private methods that you have never heard elsewhere and will give your business an edge through improved organization and effectiveness.

A well-kept multi-million dollar strategy for product launches involving hundreds of affiliates.

Turning yourself into a super affiliate that makes huge profits, tops the ranks, and attracts a huge following.

Strategies designed to increase your profits not just from your buyers, but also prospects.

Next level list-building and email marketing strategies.

A method of creating funnels and sales letters that will send tons of buyers your way and get you hungry affiliates.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 4

Michael will be revealing a method that will boost your income from virtually nothing to $10,000 monthly.

A secret technique that will double your weekly income with nearly zero work involved.

A rather effortless tactic that involves last minute idea generation, earning you $3000 per day.

Earn an income up to ten times that of your boss in just four hours of daily work.

An often overlooked factor that measures your online economic standing.

The symbol that you need to draw on a whiteboard that can earn you more than any money-making method.

The first step to getting rich that nearly everyone misses.

An exclusive look into the usual day in an online millionaire’s life.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 5

You’ll receive access to all the products Michael has created so far, as well as those that he will put up in the market this year.

The value for all these products and training that a 7 Figure Franchise member will be getting are estimated to be at least $5,000.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 6

The first 1000 visitors you’ll get are free.

Michael will reveal a technique that will get you thousands of targeted visitors for no cost.

Owning a website is completely unnecessary, as you only need to send your visitor to your franchise link.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 7

You will get free coaching for 30 days and will be able to get personal access to Michael. Michael charges up to $1,000 hourly for consultation, but, being a 7 Figure Franchise member, you’ll get it for free for 30 days.

Whew …

That sure is a lot. There’s also a massive 7 figure franchise bonus bundle available too:

Truth is that this post covers no more than the essentials, and there’s so much more in the actual thing.

If you want to know all that there is about the franchise, as well as see some proof from actual existing members, just check out this link: 7 Figure Franchise from Michael Cheney

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