AffiliateDotCom – New Video and AffiliateDotCom Bonus Info

If you’re looking for the best AffiliateDotCom bonus for when you buy AffiliateDotCom, you should make sure to check out the pre-launch videos first as they give you a ton of great content for free.

The first video in the AffiliateDotCom pre-launch showed why the traditional methods of affiliate marketing are slowly dying, and why you need to be marketing differently to be successful today.

The second video has just been released and this one reveals how Mike Filsaime (co-creator, along with Chris Farrell) was able to take this new “affiliate marketing 2.0″ method and generate a profitable affiliate campaign in just 24 hours.

By creating an optin page (also known as a squeeze page, and one of the primary components of an AffiliateDotCom campaign) Mike was able to turn his visitors into newsletter subscribers.  Once they were subscribers in his autoresponder, they then received (automated) emails giving them additional content on the subject as well as recommending them various products that they may find useful.

To generate the traffic, Mike avoided the usual Google Adwords approach since it’s not uncommon for affiliate marketers to have to pay upwards of $2 per click, especially when starting out with a new campaign on an account that has no history.

Instead, Mike used facebook advertising to generate targeted traffic at a much cheaper rate. (He was able to generate over 9000 visitors at an average cost of just 11 cents per click!)

The facebook powered affiliate marketing campaign was also profitable from day one.  In fact, with no further optimization, it would still go on to do almost five thousand dollars a year in profit for Mike.

Make sure to watch this video and keep an eye out for the next video from Chris Farrell where he shares some of his favorite free traffic methods for Affiliate Marketing.

In the mean time, make sure to grab your free copy of my own affiliate marketing blueprint by entering your name and email in the form on the right of this page.  You’ll also be instantly taken to the AffiliateDotCom site so you can watch the free videos.

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