Will Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula really help you sell more?

Jeff Walker has created some offers some time in the past, which includes his very own rebrandable iteration of Aweber, Profollow.com. From the results of his past product launches, we can tell that he is one of those whom you can go to when it comes to getting some advice on successfully launching your own product. True enough, this sort of advice and other information is what we’ll get from the Product Launch Formula. Coming in video format, this digital product launch course will be quite easy to follow and will work with the fast-paced digital entrepreneur.

The Internet has a ton of money-making opportunities, and you can accomplish these without even leaving the comforts of your home. Certainly, there are many methods to profit out of the Net , although there aren’t any that can match making money by selling your very own product. Unfortunately, many shy away from this, and we can say that they’re are missing quite a lot. The good thing is that it’s not too late to get to speed. Jeff Walker will be of great help for that matter, with his newest offer, the Product Launch Formula.

If you’re been trying to get results online, you’ll want to pay attention to Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula course this November.

Jeff Walker has written a best-selling book called “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams.” If there are things about Launch that says something about Jeff and his products, it simply is that he definitely knows a thing or two regarding online product launches, and the information in the book applies to virtually any offer that you want to get sold, quality aside. The Product Launch Formula video course is basically the same knowledge in a form that’s far easier to comprehend.

Jeff created the Product Launch Formula system after he used it in his own business to generate successful products launches – starting small and ending up with mutli-million dollar launches.

True enough, an offer’s online success begins with its very launch. How it fares well once it is released tells how well will it do for you. Hype has a huge role here, followed by how the product is delivered. Jeff Walker understands this, and in his Product Launch Formula, he is about to be going past the basics of a successful launch. He has some useful tricks, and he is imparting the ones that is going to help you come up with a launch that’ll make your product leave a good first impression– and, well, big earnings on the launch itself.

So what is Product Launch Formula? Exactly what are you supposed to look forward to this? Basically, this is a course where Jeff Walker is going to show you the specific strategy that he has used to launch his products. He does this in in-depth, procedural manner, and he will put everything to detail from the correct product launch sequence to blogs where you ought to release information of your product launch. On top of this, this detailed training will come with Jeff’s very own swipe files that you can put to use to hype up your product.

Unlike many courses that promise the world and deliver very little, Product Launch Formula is directly responsible for hundreds of millions in sales for it’s students worldwide.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is certainly not your typical e-commerce training course, wherein you only end up learning the fundamentals of a product launch. With this course, Jeff will reveal to us his very own methods to efficiently drawing hype for your new product such that you make huge sales soon after its launch. The course is going to show all these in a step-by-step way, so you’ll find it necessary to follow each step with precision. This will help you replicate Jeff’s personal successes with his launches.

Click the link in this post and you’ll get full details of a Product Launch Formula review and also a limited bonus package for anyone looking to get the course and some extra goodies.

The Truth About Digital Worth Academy …

Did you happen to land on this page because you are one of the many who have seen the webinars and videos about the Digital Worth Academy from Andrew Hansen and Sara Young?

Here’s the thing…Digital Worth Academy is not cheap. And that’s a good thing for a couple of reasons.

1) This means both Andrew and Sara won’t have to deal with multiple clients at the same time. To be fair, the price point is high enough that it’s going to attract people who are serious about making a real, life changing investment in their business. Andrew and Sara take care of their customers better than anyone else I know of in this marketplace and by keeping numbers small, it means you can get the support when you need it if you get stuck along the way.

2) The price point means that you’re actually more likely to be successful with this. Honestly. Think about it… how many $7 ebooks have you bought but not even opened let alone used You have plenty, correct? This amount of $7 is too small to actually bother you. Investing on a product of this value will most definitely motivate you to take advantage of your purchase to get your money’s worth. Combine that with a step-by-step course like Digital Worth Academy AND the help that Andrew and Sara provide, and really it’s almost impossible not to get results.

Who are Andrew and Sara?

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are the people responsible for Digital Worth Academy and this is not their first time.

Combined they’ve got over 23 years of marketing experience and experience teaching others.

Since 2007 until now Andrew has trained students the ways to multiply $5,000-$10,000 per month affiliate sites using a totally free traffic. Lately, he was able to get close to 200,000 visitors per month for his primary website using organic (free) traffic.

Sara has taught countless people how to generate income within 3 HOURS of getting started. There are actually people that have been making an effort for 3 YEARS!

She’s also a mother to 7 (yes, SEVEN) kids and beyond being Superwoman she’s helped thousands of students to generate income online.

In fact, their previous coaching program saw one of the highest percentages ever of students making money with the course.

(Full disclosure – while not everybody got the results they wanted, but this does not really conclude that the training is a failure. Much like not everyone who buys a diet book ends up supermodel thin. Those cheeseburgers are just too difficult to resist for some)

Their latest program, Digital Worth Academy, is set to do much better than their previous program.

What do you get with Digital Worth Academy?

There’s a lot in the Digital Worth Academy but the good thing is that it’s broken down into bitesize chunks and there is ALWAYS great support with these guys – both from Andrew and Sara themselves, as well as from the members forums and private facebook groups.

Here is what we know about the course:

1 – The Digital Worth Academy Learning Course

You’re going to get lifetime access to everything in the Digital Worth Academy course. Seven different sections that features 30 separate modules is what you will find in this course right now. There are more than 150 training videos that are filmed in total, and you will see what they are doing at each step because it is filmed “over the shoulder” style.

All you have to do is follow and you can already build a digital asset that is incredibly lucrative even if you do not have experience with this industry.

2 – Coaching by the Digital Worth Academy

In addition to having lifetime access to all of the training materials, Andrew and Sara – along with their team of specialist coaches – are also going to be coaching you to take you step-by-step through the process. You will not be left to figure it out because you will get the support that you need this way.

You can interact with both the teachers and other students through a forum, ask assistance from the support desk, check out the live webinars (with replays) as well as one-to-one chats.

The training programs that Andrew and Sara created are one of the great things you can expect because they are really building a community of similar people who all strive to support each other and reach their success.

3 – Commission Searching Software

To help you easily find different types of opportunities in the digital asset space, they’re going to include their Commission Wizard (Version 2) software for you. Andrea and Sara use this same tool to recognize those financial opportunities to expand their digital assets here and there.

4 – Software for Keyword Research

Realizing what search queries individuals are writing into Google is one of the components engaged with building a site that gets a great deal of free activity from the web crawlers. Keywords or search phrases that do not have a lot of competition and are popular are what you ideally want to find. It sounds difficult because it really is. You do not have to do all the hard work because Andrew and Sara are also going to add a software tool that will do all the hard work.

5 – Profit Calculator Software

Building a business just to understand that it was a misuse of your opportunity can be an extremely terrible ordeal since you have officially invested energy and cash building in it. You will instantly be able to see whether a potential market is a hidden goldmine, or an oversaturated (or even outdated) market with the Profit Calculator Software. It’s pretty much like those Fidget spinners.

6 – Society of Digital Worth Academy Learners

Andrew and Sara are truly amazing at building a community of people who are working through the course together and Digital Worth Academy will be the same. Frequently you’ll create new companions online who will keep on helping you long after the underlying preparing is finished, so you will get the chance to connect with other people who can help you in your business.

7 – Exclusive Digital Worth Academy Outsource Staff Rolodex

This is possibly one of the most underrated, but most valuable parts of the membership that youll be getting. You get access to a list of Andrew and Sara’s own staff – people who are completely verified and able to do the tasks for you to help you accelerate your progress. If you do not have time to do the hard work, then you can get someone else to do it for you. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Digital Worth Academy – Your guarantee

Andrew and Sara are certainly not the type of folks who will keep your cash in the event that you cannot use this course, because they will give you back your investment no questions asked.

You have the option to reach out to them within 60 days of purchase, and you will receive your investment.

They still have one of the lowest rates for refund in the industry so that says something about the high quality of their courses, and very few people ever ask for their money back even with their no questions asked policy.

If you still don’t get results if you follow the training to build your own new business, they’ll buy your new business back from you for the price you paid to access the training. You might need to double check this, but to me that looks like they’re basically going to give you double your money back – the 60 day refund, and then the ‘buy your business back’ for the price you paid to access.

On a product at this price range, there are not many people who are willing to do that, save for they are really confident that people can expect results with it.

Here’s what former students say about Andrew and Sara:

“The support from other members via the FB group & forum is invaluable. I was quite nervous when spending the money to buy this course but I can see now what a huge opportunity I would have been missing out on. Now I have a successful blueprint to follow – I just need to keep to it and do the work. Without this, I’d still be floundering, guessing and in the slow lane to online success. Thanks guys!”

Rose Bobnic
Former Student

“Sara is the most genuine internet marketing tutor that I have come across in my seven years of doing affiliate marketing… What I like most about Sara is that she really cares about her students. She actually answers your questions personally. For me, that was something special and an experience I had never had before. To anyone learning internet marketing, I highly recommend Sara as the best tutor you are likely to find.”

Valerie Smoth
Former Student

“Sara has helped me in a number of ways to help get my internet business going in the right direction. She really cares about her customers and puts everything in a way you can understand. She was the one who motivated me to not give up and keep plugging away and because of her, I am now making money on the net. She is absolutely the real deal when it comes to helping people with internet marketing.”

Sam Lyons
Former Student

“Trust is a big word. I trust you more than any other educator that I have come across on the internet. You’ve been there for me personally – time after time – just as you promised.”

Ann Tyson
Former Student

Common Digital Worth Academy concerns:

Below are the answers to those frequently asked questions you have about Digital Worth Academy:

1 – What other expenses are there?

Like any online based business course you’re going to need a few essentials. First, you would need a domain name from namecheap.com or Godaddy.com which costs around $12. You’ll likewise need to have web hosting which cost around $5 a month.

As a matter of fact, there’s a site called bluehost.com that offers web hosting that includes a free domain at less than $4 a month.

(Frankly if spending $4 a month is a huge amount for you to invest in a business, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in this business in the first place.)

In addition, they also recommend that you get this really cool software tool, at least just for a month, for only $37.

So after considering everything you need at the very least it will cost you no more than a hundred dollars for the year (that will be spending $2 more a week).

2 – How much of my time is needed for this?

This is one of those things where the more time you can spend, the faster you’re likely to see results. To start with though you should be aiming to spend about an hour a day on this. This does not mean it has to be one hour every day. Actually, it will be much better if you can spend more than an hour of your day for this.

The secret though is to keep on doing what needs to be done. If you can spend so much of your time on Facebook or Netflix, then it wouldn’t be hard for you to spend an extra of your hour for this. Or perhaps you could wake up half an hour early and go to bed half an hour late.

3 – I’m new at this. Is Digital Worth Academy for me?

It does not matter at all whether or not you have some experience at this since Digital Worth Academy is going to help you through it every step of the way.

At times it is better to know nothing at all so you are compelled to follow exactly each and every step. Seasoned individuals will most likely do some tweaks to speed up the method, but will surely not get the same results.

4 – When should I expect to start making money?

Both Andrew and Sara have made it clear that you won’t get rich instantly when you use this method. The Digital Worth Academy allows you to invest on something for the long run, which can later on provide you with a constant monthly income

Honestly, you may have to wait for at least half a year to actually see initial results.

Yes, I know that sounds like a long time but imagine this… When someone would give you the chance to use six months and so simply have to do things during your free time, then allow you to come up with a business that would give you a $5,000 montly revenue for the long run, are you willing to grab it?

I knew it.

5 – Will I get help when I need it?

If you have read this article from start to end, then you should know by now that Andrew and Sara will provide you with assistance when you need it.

Whether it’s through the live webinar coaching, the one-to-one chats, the members only forums or the private facebook community. They’ll have your back. Just like what the other Digital Worth Academy members expect.

6 – I there a need to keep these training materials?

With Digital Worth Academy you get lifetime access to the membership area. As far as I know, Andrew and Sara always comes up with newly recorded videos and updates for their subscribers and you can have them for free.

Seven figure cycle review and bonus

Aidan, Chris, Steve and Todd will release 7 Figure Cycle soon. The 7 Figure Cycle is the latest offering from Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively.

As more details are released I will be writing a full and in-depth 7 Figure Cycle review as well as putting together one of the best 7 Figure Cycle bonus packages available for anyone that wants to buy 7 Figure Cycle.

For now, make sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back for more 7 Figure Cycle information. There will only be limited 7 Figure Cycle bonus packages available on launch day, so if you’re interested in 7 Figure Cycle, make sure to bookmark this page.

Review of the 100k apprentice training by Richard Legg

In his “100k apprentice” workshop (which is free to attend) you’ll get to review the very same system that Richard Legg used to build a multiple six-figures per year business online.

More than 10 years ago, Richard was a full time student in Ireland working towards his degree in physics and astronomy.

To help with the costs of studying and living away from home, Richard was working part time but between the intense university schedule and his job, he spending some seventy hours a week either studying or working.

Tired of slaving away and while trying not to fall behind on his studies, Richard was desperate to find a solution that would help him make some extra money in his free time and still be able to focus on college.

There was a lot of trial and error but eventually, he stumbled onto a method that gave him some small results and income at first, and it was then he knew he was on to something special.

To start off with the results weren’t huge but the important thing was that the income he was getting from his internet business allowed him to quit the part time job he had.

The bigger advantage though was that he could actually spend less time on his internet business than he did at work and still make more money.

With consistent effort Richard was able to earn over a hundred thousand dollars by the time he was graduating from his physics degree.

Richard found that developing simple systems and using automation as much as possible were key to being able to achieve this and it’s something not everyone uses, much less teaches.

Anyone who’s started a business offline knows how difficult it can be to setup but the benefit of the internet and an online business is that techonology makes it easy for you.

After graduating, Richard was faced with the choice of earning around $20,000 as a lab technician, or persuing his goal of being free.

Richard says sticking with marketing was the simplest decision he ever made.

Within just 3 years he ‘d generated his first million dollars online.

With just himself and a few outsource staff, Richard has had the freedom of being his own boss for more than a decade now.

Fast forward to today, and Richard has helped thousands of customers in their efforts to make money online, and over 120,000 people have subscribed to his online email newsletter.

One benefit of being a former physicist is that it gives him the ability to be able to look at a complex idea and in turn create a simple system that can be applied by anyone, even those without any prior experience. Customers often review Richard’s products positively thanks to this style of teaching.

Now in his special 100k Apprentice workshop you’ll be able to peer into his business and understand exactly how he does this, and how you can too.

It might seem like a lot of work but the basic system is so uncomplicated that you’ll get to see the whole thing in a ten minute demo that you’ll be able to follow along with.

As a special bonus for anyone who watches the training, Richard is going to provide you with a detailed pdf of the whole system so that you can take the information and use it immediately after the webinar.

And if you’re not a complete newbie you’ll still be covered as Richard is going to review some of his secret methods for increasing conversions and profits in your online business. Simply visit 100kApprentice. com and get free access to the training at a time that suits you.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Reviewed – Stefan James

He is going to give away several bonuses as well as membership to a members website from which you’ll get to receive new content over time, which is mere days for that matter. This include the likes of webinars and a ton of training videos, a lot of which inform you on the newest Internet marketing trends and how you could use those to your favor.

Training courses usually are cheap, and usually, these come with disappointingly slim info. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM, on the other hand, certainly the antithesis of these inexpensive and nearly unvaluable IM training courses. The product’s expensive price tag likely will be off-putting, but it surely give just enough information for it’s price.

This is one of the few Internet marketing trainings that are based on actual results that Stefan shares with great transparency. It is based on the same affiliate marketing system he has utilized to grow his seven-figure brand, something more than the just the essentials with some tweaks.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery has been up for quite a while now, and Stefan J. Pylarinos definitely worked hard to make sure it’s updated. Fresh content kept coming up over time, keeping the whole thing fresh and able to continuously offer current exclusive knowledge.

Stefan surely has put in hours of effort and many years of knowledge into this course, teaching us more than just promoting products. The course goes beyond mere Internet marketing, giving emphasis to brand building for long term success.

This money-making system revolves around building your brand, and this totally is reflected in the info explained in his course.

Stefan Pylarinos is online m marketer with many years of experience under his belt. The knowledge that he has accumulated over the years shows in his newest IM training, the AMM (Affiliate Marketing Mastery). You’re probably thinking that this is yet another cookie cutter affiliate marketing training courses. This is a mere myth, but that’s something that might come off your mind the moment you notice the price tag and the of the course.

You may have been through so many different IM trainings yourself , and have been dispirited with info that gets you nowhere, rehashed information, or simply general online marketing knowledge advertised as some sort of one-of-a-kind information. Such are rather familiar inconveniences when paying premium in order to study Internet marketing . In spite of this, we are yet to know of such issues with Stefan James Pylarinos’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM.

Stefan sure does a good work at delivering and explaining his system, and should you find yourself having difficulties, there’s a very responsive support service to turn to. Also, you may get a reimbursement within 30 days after signing up for the course should you happen to think the course is unsatisfactory.

If you’re searching for a great online marketing training course that surely is more than a glorified simple marketing tutorial, you might want to check out the Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM. Here, Stefan James Pylarinos will share his trove of accumulated knowledge with regards to IM and brand-building.

It is also one of the few IM training courses that gives a part of its sale to philanthropy; 10% of every sale earned with this training course will go to a couple of school-building projects in Africa, in cooperation with the non-government organization Change Heroes.

Stefan James Pylarinos’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM is a different one when put side by side with other IM courses. It will be teaching much more than building lists, what emails to send out and where, et cetera. Stefan aims to go beyond revealing much of what he know about affiliate marketing, while educating you on building your brand as you go. He is essentially sharing knowledge that can allow you to secure repeat customers, scale your biz, and securely grow your earnings. All these potential gains are basically what we all need in economical climate we currently live in.

Replay of Constant Profits Club Webinar with Andrew & Sara

Now that the Constant Profits Club has been released I recommend before you do anything else you check out the Constant Profits Club webinar replay for the full details.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar…

- How to start earning an income using a 3-step process and eventually make it grow to $10,000 monthly income for your business in just a year.

- The right way to do “S.W” that will let you earn your first income within a week.(We will provide you with sites that you need to explore and what actions you must undertake… the same actions Anne took to earn her first income in
3 hours).

- The easiest method for growing your “immediate income” to $500 or eventually $1,000 per month. (This target can be achieved by a number of individuals and they will be content with doing this for an extended period of time)

- How to transition to obtain passive earning by applying those skills for doing research and coming up with articles about a particular type of product that might be available online.

- A section where I will talk about how I was able to get traffic and earn sales on a certain product back in January without any marketing efforts… All I did was write about it and have it published on a my own website which is of top quality.

- The webinar will reveal a student who’s 30 page niche site is generating more than $24,000 a month as of January 2016.

- We will be discussing ways of obtaining quick traffic by simply locating a so called “ranking anomalies” with Google… mistakes Google made in what they ranked and how you can capitalize on them.

And so much more…

You can also see details of a full Constant Profits Club review as well as a Constant Profits Club bonus package.

Looking For A Constant Profits Club Review? Go Here

Andrew and Sara informed me that the first portion of the course will be all about helping as much people make money the fastest way possible.

Don’t worry if this page doesn’t have a lot of info – you can find a more complete Constant Profits Club review from this blog: http://constantprofitsclub.org

To begin with, you will be taught how to make your first $1, then eventually raising it up to a $100. You’re going to hear from a guy on their webinar on March 8th who generated $150 in his first week.

It is through this that they want to let you make use of the skills you have developed and utilize them on a niche you select…

And the major factor is identifying a wide open niche that you can easily rank in for selling high-cost products..

(Andrew assures me has techniques that no one else is teaching for helping people find these kind of niche affiliate opportunities)

Nevertheless, the most important thing on the program is you won’t need to come up with your own “mini site” or do some “sniping” or come up with your very own “product review sites”…

They will help you come up with your own site which you will use for dominating these small markets and provide them with the products that they need.

I have been told they will also talk about…

1. How to quickly acquire cost-free traffic…

By ranking easily in search engines and utilizing some untapped traffic sources.

2. Strategies that are strictly white hat

No tricks or gimmicks that get you banned or penalized from anything…

The program will teach you how to develop your own reliable source of income that can let you earn as much as $10,000 monthly, and this is something that cannot be done by so called “make money quick” schemes.

3. Scaling Up.

There are so many marketers who say they can teach you ways where you can take advantage or some “loophole” that will eventually allow you to manipulate the search engines.

Andrew and Sara have confessed to me that they have also tried these and failed several times, which led them to conclude that this is not the right way for people to growth wealthy online.

People are actually dominating their niches simply by looking for unique ways they can serve their niche and give them the best value, and it has allowed them to earn incomes of $2,000 monthly, $5,000 monthly, and up to $10,000 monthly.

And there is much more.

Here are another couple of incredible parts of the Constant Profits Club Program…

1. Their Tools for Niche Research

The Commission Wizard is the software that will let you scan through a large database and let you figure out which expensive products people look to buy for, and you search for affiliate programs offering them and earn quick commissions.

2. A member only “Marketplace” that lets every student take full advantage of their chances to immediately earn income.

No other coaching program has anything like it.

And they’re telling me that this isn’t even half of what Constant Profits Club program is going to contain

You can also get more details of the Constant Profits Club bonus here: http://constantprofitsclubbonus.com

Andrew’s experience when it comes to Internet marketing is rich, having been practicing the trade for years now. He boasts nine years doing affiliate marketing. That’s not to underestimate his expertise in search engine optimization or SEO, of which he also has nine years of experience. For seven years now, he has also been sharing his strategies to other people in the form of PDFs, software, training courses, and videos, the first being a course on niche marketing called – pardon the wording on this one –”Niche Marketing on Crack.” Andrew’s newest course is Constant Profits Club (http://constantprofitsclub.net) which is going live soon.

If you have been around the Internet long enough, you might have heard of people who are making money through it. The practice is pretty widespread, and you can probably recognize this in the form of Web advertisements, YouTube celebrities, and online shops. Making money online, however, is not new. Now there are folks who are already in the business even before the dawn of the millennium, while the Internet is still in its formative years. Such is Sara Young, who has been earning her dough online, probably even before you have ever discovered the Internet.

Finding success at making money through the traditional methods will usually require going hands-on with what you do, investing money and effort, and then working on it for months to break even and eventually bear fruit. Many people, on the other hand, would prefer easier methods, often those that will earn them some quick cash while letting their system do the work for them. This is possible, although quick money businesses are not known to last.

Well, Sara, a happy mother of seven children, has been making money on the Internet way back in the early 90s, when the Web is still a relatively smaller collection of Web 1.0 sites. In fact, she has been into online marketing even before the Internet is accessible to everyone. Back then, she has offered her technical expertise to a university professor who has asked for her help in his email marketing campaign that targets statistics teachers and students.

While working full time online, Andrew is no stranger to “real” jobs, which he last had when he was 18 years young. Soon after quitting his day job, Andrew moved on to make money online, selling e-books before Amazon ever sold its first PDF and working wherever he is comfortable in even before it is popular. Well, you can say that he is pretty much the hipster of online business, or a pioneer if you prefer.

Indeed, if you are looking for a great program that will teach you how to make big money on the side that will actually work, then the Constant Profits Club is your best bet.Now what is this brand new system, and how exactly does it work? To explain in short, simple terms, this is an online coaching program that will teach you how to start earning money in a short span of time after signing up, while learning how to set up your business for success in the long term. With such great folks as Sara and Andrew helming this program, we do have great expectations with it and expect that it delivers.

This prompted Sara to leave programming behind and later experimented with pay-per-click (PPC) to cost-per-action (CPA) offers in the United Kingdom’s financial market, which earned her at least $200 for loans leads. This, too, didn’t last long, as the market eventually crashed and Google began terminating accounts, leaving Sara needing to find other ways to make money on the Internet. As her PPC to CPA campaigns are making her lose money online, she began developing a method that soon became her latest course, the Easy Paycheck Formula. This formula purportedly makes use of free strategies; it has earned her a full-time income for what is equal to a few hours of work in a week while providing her with the freedom to work at home.

Andrew and Sara have a hand in this upcoming online coaching program, so we have some pretty great expectations about it. We are pretty sure that this program will end up hyped up in the Internet marketing community; given the program authors’ repute, however, this course will very likely not fall short of the hype. Eager to make money fast with the Constant Profits Club? Well, be sure to check it out as soon as it launches on March 8, 2016 and read the full Constant Profits Club review (http://constantprofitsclubreview.com)when it’s live too.

A lot of people dream about making money quickly, and ideally, this is to be done without leaving their homes. Now, many people who have an actual idea about making money know that, while it is certainly possible to make money from home, making money quick without sacrificing the future of your business or without doing shady stuff is practically not possible. That’s not to say, however, that there is absolutely no strategy for such a thing to get done while building a sustainable online business that actually lasts. A money-making method that you can adopt for this matter is to work from home with Constant Profits Club.

Right now, you may be thinking that this is a rather big promise, especially after you have tried a variety of systems that say just about the same thing but have achieved little to no results. We will find it natural for you to think that this is yet another one of those tried and true marketing stunts that say what you want to hear but delivers something worse. How then, is learning to work from home with Constant Profits Club any different?

You get nothing, but only the best online coaching program, when you have to experts sharing their best strategies for making money online. This one actually gives you the chance of making money online after a week of implementation. Are you still in doubt? All you have to do is simply try the product and see if the developers of the product can really deliver on their promise of helping you make money online. It’s a decision that you will absolutely be proud of. We know that you are tired of trying out those money making schemes that deliver nothing, but the Constant Profits Club is definitely something that deliver your expectations. Don’t forget that you’ll also be able to get your hands on a Constant Profits Club bonus (http://constantprofitsclubbonus.com) package that will be available to anyone who grabs a membership to the course as well.

This brand new course from Sara and Andrew will show you how Sara earns quick money online just by having quick writing gigs as she also builds another income generating business from affiliate marketing-a type of method that Andrew loves to do. With the aim of teaching you how to build a business in the long term while you make an immediate income, the Constant Profits Club sure sounds like a promising money-making course. Here, Sara and Andrew will be sharing with us their wealth of knowledge in Internet marketing and making money online through a ten-week long private online class.

Previous buyers of products from Andrew Hansen know that with the Constant Profits Club, they should be getting a full-detailed course. In this course, you are supported with a weekly live coaching webinar, support staff ready to answer your needs, and over a hundred videos which will explain in detail the strategies that you will be using. If there are specific things that you need assistance with, you can get in touch with Sara and Andrew during the scheduled weekly webinar, if not, you can also contact the support team. If you think this is one of those usual ordinary training courses that you see online, where you just get a PDF instruction of the things you need to do and everything is left for you to figure out, then you are wrong.

What it does is that it will show you a system developed by Andrew and Sara in a step-by-step matter, coupled with a live support and a weekly webinar that will help you thoroughly understand what to do to put the system to practice. We also have high hopes that this product will deliver, given Andrew’s repute in putting out systems that actually work and his tendency to put emphasis on business-building rather than simply making a quick buck; likewise, Sara is an expert in Internet marketing and has about a decade of experience in her field.

When you are looking for an excellent team, look no further, as Sara and Andrew are both achievers in Internet Marketing. You have all the good reasons to watch out for their newest release, which is the Constant Profits Club. Andrew, your Aussie boy who now lives in the UK, is popular for his courses that explains affiliate marketing strategies in detail that are known to work, and this can be attributed to his vast Internet marketing experience; at the same time, there is your usual work from home mom – Sara, who has made it through the last 2 decades of making a name for herself as a successful work from home mom and online marketer.

Here’s what you will be getting out of this coaching program: a ten-week private online class where the system will be laid out in over a hundred tutorial videos, along with one two-hour live coaching webinar per week. All these aside, the coaching program will also provide you with access to a subscriber community – where you can learn from and trade ideas with other members – via its closed Facebook group and private forum, convenient done-for-you backlinks, and support.

Review of Constant Profits Club – Can you really Profit?

Nowadays, earning money right at the comfort of your home is very achievable, and you may use it as either an extra source of income or your main source of income if you are currently jobless. This is mainly due to the easy accessibility of the Internet and with more and more people around the world relying on it for selling and buying goods. Sara Young and Andrew Hansen took advantage of this, decided to team up and the result was the Constant Profits Club. The product name alone, is enough for you to find this product interesting. Imagine having something that can constantly give you a steady flow of income and the financial freedom that you have been looking for.

When you have a combination like Sara and Andrew, expect to get the best product ever. We can definitely say, based on the courses that they have offered in the past, that they only offer products that are easy to apply and will actually let us earn. Andrew enjoys coming up with strategies that can also benefit your business for a long period, and not fast results that most people look for. At the same time, there is Sara who understand what must be done to quickly earn some money, with the help of her Internet marketing expertise.

This system that Sara and Andrew has developed, lets you do everything hands-on, work your rear end out just to break even after a few months, and eventually start earning profits. You won’t be seeing any short cut methods on this one, just to deceive you into earning quick money and eventually just provide you with temporary income. In this course, you will see how traditional method of building a business and different methods of quick money making schemes can work well together.

If you have a product with Andrew Hansen as a co-author, expect that you will be getting an all-inclusive course, just like the Constant Profits Club. The course comes with a set of over a hundred videos, which explains in detail the strategies you need to use, and supported with a live coaching webinar done on a weekly basis, plus a support staff that you can get in touch with. Whatever you don’t understand will be explained by Andrew and Sara themselves in the weekly webinars, and should you miss it, you can still get help from the support team. This certainly is no small-time training course where you’ll only be getting a short PDF report and be left on your own to figure things out.

We commonly see most courses being offered online as the solution to give you the fastest way to earn money with only a few simple steps. Truth be told, courses like these usually fail to deliver what they promise to buyers. They are just used to get you to buy some really expensive software or pay for a pricery subscription! Is Constant Profit Club going to be any different? We definitely know it is. While it may have the reputation of being the absolute get rich online scheme, we are not afraid to invest our hard earned money on a product that has been created by people who have a good reputation to back them up.

Receiving The Most Out Of Your Traffic By Monetizing Appropriately

In terms of monetizing a site, lots of people don’t realize how to do it properly. People believe that monetizing their site means creating a site around an affiliate product. Although this can end up being profitable, you will find other ways to profit from your site which means that your getting every penny you are able to from your visitors. As you’ll see in the Evergreen Business System course. In the following paragraphs we will be discussing a few things that will help boost your profits and ensure your getting the most out of your traffic. You want to be promoting 2 or 3 products that have to do with whatever niche your targeting on you website. If your only advertising one product, a person may check out that product but realize that this product does not have the features they are searching for. You can get more tips with the Evergreen Business System course. This could be for a few different causes, either it costs too much money or perhaps it may even be missing something that they really want from the product or service. Of course, if your only promoting that one product, that’s it you just lost a potential customer. On the other hand if you have a couple of products on your site, the visitor may check out another product and find that it has what they are looking for at a more affordable price. It is easier to make a sale if your site visitors has multiple items to choose from. Google Adsense is one more thing you could end up including to your website. You need to remember that every little bit helps and this can enable you to get a little bit more from your site. Many people are fans of the Evergreen Business System. This is fantastic for people that are not looking to shell out any money. That man or woman won’t be a wasted visitor to your site if they click an ad that ends up making you 50 cents. And if you have a lot of traffic on your site, you could end up making a great deal of extra money by just incorporating Google Adsense. And finally you will want to add an opt-in form on your Internet site to try and get peoples email addresses. Incorporating a small form in the side bar can be effective, but if you add a pop up, this specific form is going to be something they have to notice. Why not try the evergreen business system?You can simply offer these individuals something of significance that relates to the topic of your Internet site, in exchange for their name and also their email address. Once you have their email address you are able to distribute a weekly newsletter and include some of your affiliate products. This will more than likely end up resulting in additional commissions for you. These are just a couple recommendations, you can browse around a little and discover even more ways to be able to earn money off of your site. And even if you simply add the recommendations above you should find that you are making more money every month and building your list simultaneously. By simply promoting one product or service you are really missing out on a lot of extra money that you could be making. Creating more money is basically the main goal for anybody with a website.

AffiliateDotCom 2.0 Bonus and Review


Do NOT Buy Mike Filsaime’s

AffiliateDotCom 2.0 Course

Until You See These Free Bonuses…

From: Richard Legg

Let me get straight to the point …

If you’re seeing this page you’ve already heard of AffiliateDotCom 2.0 from Mike Filsaime.

So I’m going to do something a little different here…

I’m NOT going to try and convince you to buy it.


The fact of the matter is this…

You’ve no doubt seen the videos, watched the case studies, and studied all the proof etc so you already KNOW that you need AffiliateDotCom 2.0 , and therefore you don’t need me waffling on for 10+ pages telling you about it.

However, what I want to do right now is show you exactly what I’ll be sending you when you order Mike’s course through my link today…

First of all… this is NOT going to be some crappy bonus package made up of hundreds of cheap resale rights products, slapped with a $5,000 value.

You know as well as I do that those bonus packages are a waste of time and totally useless…

What you NEED in a bonus is something that will (a) COMPLIMENT the original product without distracting you, and (b) work in HARMONY with the original product to make you even MORE money.

Second of all… you should know that I actually OWN pretty much every course Mike has ever put out, so I know what stuff Mike teaches in his courses and more importantly … what Mike has left OUT of the course.

While Mike’s course covers everything you need to know about making a ton of cash as an affiliate, there are other elements of running a successful online business that are MISSING from AffiliateDotCom 2.0 that can make you a LOT more money.

So …Here’ what I’m going to send you …

Bonus #1 – “Free Traffic Forever!…”

For the first 25 people (only!) that order AffiliateDotCom through the link at the bottom of this page, I will send you a free copy of my $697 TrafficUncut.com Homestudy course on DVD.

In this bonus course, I cover everything I know about generating traffic to my sites, including how to score page #1 rankings on Google in record time. (and also how I got a #1 ranking for a VERY competitive keyword just 16 hours after registering the domain name!).

***And if you’re are seeing this very page, then you most likely came across it through the search engines which proves just how powerful these systems are!***

Check out these results …

(These are all my sites, with #1 rankings, thanks to
the techniques I’ll share with you in my TrafficUncut course.)

How much extra money do you think you could make if you had #1 rankings like that??

Containing over 11hrs of video, this pure content course actually shows you how to generate thousands of visitors to your site (mostly for free) using proven traffic systems that are explained in step-by-step detail.

In fact, why not check out the site here so you can see just what’s contained in it, and some of the results people are getting from using it. I’ll wait while you do…

So, now you see that this is not some over-hyped resale rights bonanza type bonus product.

This is an ACTUAL traffic generation product, that ACTUALLY sells for $697 and ACTUALLY get’s results for the people who use it.

If you want to add thousands to your bottom line then Mike Filsaime’s AffiliateDotCom can help you do just that… but to really get the most out of it, you NEED to get as much traffic as you can to your sites in the first place…

That is why people who get the TrafficUncut bonus course are going to have an almost unfair advantage.
Bonus #2 – “Dominate ANY Market With Ease…”

In AffiliateDotCom 2.0, Mike shows you how to take a product and generate money by promoting it.

But do you know what the REAL problem with this is??

You’re building someone ELSES business … the REAL money is in being a product owner, and having everyone else promote for YOU!

So how do you create and launch a product of your own? What can you do about that??

Don’t panic … I’ve got your answer right here…

When you order from Mike, I’m also going to send you a copy of my $497 Niche Domination Secrets DVD course.

This course contains the recordings of a 5 week webinar series where you’ll learn the secrets to building a profitable online business in ANY niche market you choose…

We’ll show you exactly how to quickly and almost effortlessly create products that bring in thousands of dollars in sales with other people launching for you!

Here’s a quick paypal screenshot from a launch for a product that took us less than 4 days from concept to launch!

By simply following the course you’ll be able to generate your own profitable products in record time. (Heck … just one product like that one above would have paid for your copy of AffiliateDotCom more than 5 times over!)

Again, you can get the full scoop at the salespage here to see just what you’ll be getting and check out the raving reviews from people who all paid full price to access this information.

Here’s what to do next…

Before we go any further, I should stress that I am ONLY giving this bonus to the first 25 people to order through my link.

To get the bonus simply visit the page below to order. After payment, send your receipt, and the address you want me to send the DVDs to RichardsBonus[at]Gmail[dot]com and I will get in touch with you to confirm.

Once all the bonus spaces are gone, I’m going to pull this page down forever, so don’t delay. – this is strictly on a first come, first served basis – I only have 25 free copies printed up.

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Remember, only the first 25 to order will get my $697 TrafficUncut course, and $497 Niche Domination Secrets course for free (These courses are VERY valuable … I don’t want just anyone getting their hands on them), so click the link below and join now.

Make sure you clear your cookies. Very Important…

Here’s how to clear your Firefox cookies:

-Go to Tools
-Go to Options
-Go to Privacy and then Private Data
-Click “Clear Now”
-Check “Cache” and “Cookies” and then “Clear Now”
-Click “Clear Private Data Now”

Here’s how to clear your Internet Explorer 6 cookies:

-Go To Tools
-Go to Internet Options
-In the “General” tab (default) and under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
-Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
-Click OK and then OK again.

Here’s how to clear your Internet Explorer 7 cookies:

-Go To Your Control Panel
-Go to Internet Options
-Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
-Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies “

AffiliateDotCom WORKS … period. You can’t argue with the results people are getting (myself included!) from Mike’s strategies

I own nearly ALL Mike’s courses… I *know* his stuff works. It’s worked for thousands of people and I know it can work well for you too, but you have to take action.

Look… 30 days from now you can be nothing more than a month older – or you can be on your way to getting rich. You decide.

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AffiliateDotCom Bonus – Best Bonus For AffiliateDotCom…

What is the best affiliatedotcom 2.0 bonus?

AffiliateDotCom 2.0 is shaping up to be a huge product launch and there are lots of affiliates who will be promoting the affiliatedotcom 2.0 product from marketers Chris Farrell and Mike Filsaime.
When choosing a bonus for affiliatedotcom, make sure that the bonus package is something that will compliment the original course.  You don’t want some poor bonus package after you buy affiliatedotcom 2.0 that is going to be of no use to you.  All online businesses need traffic, and if you are an affiliate marketer using the affiliatedotcom 2.0 course, you need to learn how to get as much traffic as possible – and ideally free traffic that is targeted.

So when looking for the best affiliatedotcom 2.0 bonus package, make sure to see if the bonus is something that will compliment your purchase of affiliatedotcom 2.0.

Affiliate Domain Techinques

Several people today mistakenly feel that it is to the beat maker free of charge solutions these as Yahoo, WordPress or Blogger.

For a single issue, once you use the free of charge providers individual anything at all. You happen to be totally with the mercy of your firm, and their policies.

If they choose like some thing in your own blog page they are able to pull the plug, plus they will not should you or offer you an explanation of make beats . would like to invest weeks, months or years creating up a profitable organization to just a single day and locate that your site offline.

The issue is the fact that you need to on your own. As you create your online business you desire to realize identify recognition.

It is a really essential aspect to any profitable small business and without having your personal domain identify it really is essentially unattainable. In the event you are making use of absolutely free providers it just can make you glimpse unprofessional beat making software , that is primarily lousy if you are hoping to create by yourself up as being a inside a particular area.

Now that I’ve convinced you that you just should inside your individual domain names, you may need to find out the way to choose the top title and exactly where to acquire a single.

men and women the most effective technique to choose out a very good domain identify will be to commence with analysis. Choose an inventory of extremely searched search phrases with your market place seek to get people actual key phrases as domain names.

By way of example, if your is coaching and also you terrific : Swift and simple instruction. Than you’ll make an effort to get QuickAndEasyDogTraining.com as your domain title. You do need to continue to keep the domain title all-around or max, but having a domain title like this you can get a ton of totally free site visitors considering that your domain title could be the precise search time period individuals are searhing for.

Now that you’ve got decided on what your domain names need to be you may locations like GoDaddy.com or DomainCheapsters.com and do a search to find out if the domain title you desire is readily available. Several instances it be, this is exactly why it is crucial to possess really checklist of probable names. I personally highly recommend by using other extensions a .com. I’ve discovered that just as very good luck which has a . or .org ( it could also be a lot easier to acquire one among these extensions). When you acquire domain identify at a time for any a person 12 months it is commonly close to $10 a calendar year – the same as a beat maker . You may get a for those who purchase far more than a single domain identify at a time or when you obtain it for many years in advance.

I personally will not purchase my domain names for much more than a 12 months at a time initially, legitimate you are going to should renew it inside a 12 months (the organization you it from will you understand when it has to be renewed) but why shell out for a number of years to get a domain identify not be a moneymaker? I personally wish to shell out for a person calendar year till I realize no matter if or not I’ve identified a moneymaking , when I understand I’ve received a rewarding on my fingers I’ll shell out for many years in advance.

There you go, every little thing you’ll need to find out when it time to search out a domain . Possessing your own personal domain identify is among the most crucial steps in making a rewarding on the internet empire.

AffiliateDotCom – New Video and AffiliateDotCom Bonus Info

If you’re looking for the best AffiliateDotCom bonus for when you buy AffiliateDotCom, you should make sure to check out the pre-launch videos first as they give you a ton of great content for free.

The first video in the AffiliateDotCom pre-launch showed why the traditional methods of affiliate marketing are slowly dying, and why you need to be marketing differently to be successful today.

The second video has just been released and this one reveals how Mike Filsaime (co-creator, along with Chris Farrell) was able to take this new “affiliate marketing 2.0″ method and generate a profitable affiliate campaign in just 24 hours.

By creating an optin page (also known as a squeeze page, and one of the primary components of an AffiliateDotCom campaign) Mike was able to turn his visitors into newsletter subscribers.  Once they were subscribers in his autoresponder, they then received (automated) emails giving them additional content on the subject as well as recommending them various products that they may find useful.

To generate the traffic, Mike avoided the usual Google Adwords approach since it’s not uncommon for affiliate marketers to have to pay upwards of $2 per click, especially when starting out with a new campaign on an account that has no history.

Instead, Mike used facebook advertising to generate targeted traffic at a much cheaper rate. (He was able to generate over 9000 visitors at an average cost of just 11 cents per click!)

The facebook powered affiliate marketing campaign was also profitable from day one.  In fact, with no further optimization, it would still go on to do almost five thousand dollars a year in profit for Mike.

Make sure to watch this video and keep an eye out for the next video from Chris Farrell where he shares some of his favorite free traffic methods for Affiliate Marketing.

In the mean time, make sure to grab your free copy of my own affiliate marketing blueprint by entering your name and email in the form on the right of this page.  You’ll also be instantly taken to the AffiliateDotCom site so you can watch the free videos.

Mike Filsaime Releases AffiliateDotCom Video #1

If you’re looking for an AffiliateDotCom bonus, you should first make sure and check out the latest video in the AffiliateDotCom series from Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell.

This video is video #1 in a series of 4 different videos revealing high-end affiliate marketing techniques that a beginner marketer was able to use to build a $50k per month business in just 2 years time.

Click Here To Watch The Video

In this 30+ minute long video, Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell share some of the reasons why the old way of doing affiliate marketing has slowly died, and why anyone interested in affiliate marketing should be looking at the new way of doing things.

One of these tips includes looking for ‘side door’ entrances to a popular market, meaning that instead of going after the top level keywords such as “digital photography” (which are very competitive) you can still enter that marketplace by choosing a less competitive sub-niche such as “flash diffusers”.

There are also two main other components to this video that are well worth watching, so make sure to sit down, turn of the phone or tv and also take notes while watching – there is a lot of valuable information and this is only the first of four AffiliateDotCom videos …

Click Here To Watch The Video

AffiliateDotCom Bonus Video

AffiliateDotCom, from Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell, is coming … make sure to get the best AffiliateDotCom Bonus when you buy AffiliateDotCom.

Your AffiliateDotCom Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your AffiliateDotCom Marketing Website

Having an AffiliateDotCom marketing website will do you little good if it is not well-ranked in the search engines. If you are well-ranked, on the other hand, your site will come up when someone does a search for the types of products and or services you are offering, or information that is relevant to that. There are many ways that you can increase your site’s rankings. Here are just a few of them.

First of all, you should try to add new content to your website or blog on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to do this about 2 times a week. If you’re stuck about what to write about, do a product review, or take an article that you’ve written and break it up into more detailed points. You can also do an article about a video that is relevant, or an e-book that you’ve read.

Next, an easy way to get your website indexed is to submit it to directories. Many directories are free and some charge you to submit your site but they offer greater visibility. There are thousands of directories to choose from. Try to add your site to 10 to 20 directories a month, or you can hire a person or a service to do it for you for not too much investment.

Article directories are another great asset of AffiliateDotCom marketers. While it does take some time to write articles and submit them to the directories, it is completely free and very effective. There are two schools of thoughts on this. Some say that you can submit your article to the top three directories, and others say it works better to submit them to hundreds of directories. If you do choose to submit them to many directories, you might want to consider investing in some article submission software.

Making use of forums are another way that you can establish both credibility and links to your site. Try to stay active in at least one forum by asking genuine questions and answering what you can. If you can keep up with it, try to contribute at least one comment per day. This will definitely generate links to your AffiliateDotCom marketing website. Use the same principle to post comments on highly ranked blogs. If possible, comment on blogs that are ranked higher than your website or blog is.

Use socialmarker to bookmark your site on some of the social bookmarking sites. Do not bookmark your site on all the sites at one time or in one day. Instead, do it in a randome fashion. Bookmark your site with one social website on one day, along with some other sites, and maybe the next day bookmark your site twice along with some other sites, and maybe skip a day of bookmarking your site.

These are just some ways to get your AffiliateDotCom marketing website ranked to get more traffic.

Easy Affiliate Article Marketing Is A Talent

Easy article marketing courses can be found all over the internet. But should you spend money on these courses or is it all a waste of money? Article marketing is a very legitimate and effective way to generate a ton of traffic to your website.  Even though it’s simple that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn how to do it first.  But you may want to hold of on making any investment in a course, since you can easily learn the ins and outs of article marketing just by visiting forums or reading this article.

The basic concept of article marketing is simple: give the people what they want. In the case of the internet the people (who are the customers of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) want information. They want instant access to information of every kind. If the search engines want to keep their customers happy they need to keep that need met. But how? How can the search engines supply all the information that the people want? The short answer is they don’t, but article directories do.

You see, the search engines don’t actually generate the information. They just point their customers to it. Most of the information on the internet is generated by you, your neighbor, your brother, your sister, etc. You get the point, the information online is generated by the users of the internet.

Article directories act sort of like the middle man between the people who create the information and the search engines. If you write an informative article on say how to make a great pizza and you submit it to an article directory the directory will publish it online and the next time someone heads to their favorite search engine to do a search they may just find your article.

Thats’ basically it, see I told you it was easy article marketing! Don’t let this simple process fool you though, this is an extraordinarily effective method for getting a lot of traffic to your website for free. When you write your article you will include a link in the resource box at the bottom of the article that will lead anyone who clicks on it right to your websites front door.  All for free.

You know that these visitors are highly targeted too since they did a search for your keyword. In this case, pizza. So if you have a website on great pizza recipes, you wrote an informative article, and you submitted it to be published and after reading it someone clicked on the link and were taken to our site.

When it comes time to write your article you will need to focus on one main keyword phrase per article. Don’t make the mistake of picking the most popular keyword you can find either, if you do it will be virtually impossible for your article to get a top ranking in the search engines since there will be literally thousands, maybe millions of other people who already have articles ranked for that exact same keyword.

For that reason you need to find keywords that ‘fly under the radar’. They still get decent monthly searches but don’t have nearly as many competitors. So instead of targeting a keyword that gets 5 million searches a month you’ll target one that gets around 5,000.  It may sound like a small number but that’s still a lot of potential customers and since you’ll have dozens of articles floating around the internet, each targeting a different keyword, you’ll still get  at on of traffic.

So, it’s called easy article marketing for a reason.  That’s why it works so well.

Business To Business Affiliate Marketing Articles Or B2B

When it comes to business to business marketing articles you have many options you can use. This is a popular method for getting more customers and driving traffic to your website.  In this article I’ll give you some ideas of the best methods to make this method work well for you.

With many things in life, it’s often just as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do. When it comes to marketing your business that rule is very true. When you use article marketing the number 1 rule you must never forget is that you have to provide quality. This is your time to shine.  Provide the readers of your articles with great information that they can use versus one long winded sales pitch, and they will thank you.

When you give before you get you build rapport and trust with prospective customers. Instead of the usual sales pitch you’ve provided them with a lot of interesting and useful information without asking them for a thing. That will go a long way to having them think of you differently than all the other businesses they see ads for everyday and that is the power of business to business marketing articles.

While quality is vitally important, so is quantity.  Always remember WIIFM, what’s in it for me.  This is the underlying thing going through the minds of your would be customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting customers off the street or other business owners, the same principle applies. They want something that will solve whatever problem they have, if you can show them that you can help, they’ll hire you and buy from  you.

When it comes to writing a compelling article, the biggest thing you need to remember is to keep it interesting. If you can include a personal story or some bullet points that will help hold the readers attention longer.  Try to put personality into your articles. Don’t worry about trying to be Hemingway, just make them interesting to read and provide valuable information and you’ll do well.

Of course, spelling and grammar are important too. No one will view you as an expert in anything if your spelling stinks or your article sounds ridiculous. If English isn’t your first language you may want to hire someone who is a native English speaker to proof read all your articles for you.  That can help you maintain the professional image you want for your business.

When you’ve gotten your articles written you can submit them to many places online, most of which are free. You can even alter the original article a little bit and use one version on your blog and another to be distributed by an article directory.

When writing your articles make sure to use keywords that are directly related to the business you are writing for.  This will help your article get a first place listing on Google which means far more people will see it and read it (which will translate into more traffic if it is a well written article).

Using articles to promote your business is a sound way to get more customers. This method works so well because you are taking the time to offer value and not just ‘selling’ them.  You can set yourself as an expert in your field and that’s what  business to business marketing articles is really all about.

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